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In my design class, we were tasked to create a postcard. After wracking my brains for an idea, I decided to mock up a postcard for Markeroni. The results are below the cut. I hope whytraven approves. (All but the shot of the Berkeley campanile were taken on my Markeroni excursions.)

markeroni postcard little

Ah! I should identify where these pictures were taken.

Outer edge clockwise, from left (all locations in California):

Sather Tower (Campanille), University of California Berkeley
The Flume, Anderson
Cascade Theatre, Redding
Sutter's Landing Marker, Sacramento
Railroad Caboose, Auburn

And across the center, left to right:
Rusch House sign, Citrus Heights (And BluDice's cameo, he's the blue blob in the sign. He also got edited out of the Sutter's Landing photo.)
Statue of Chinese coolie, Auburn
Flagpole, Sutter's Fort, Sacramento
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