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A new-to-me type of snarf.

I was attending a presentation at UOP* yesterday and noticed a double plaque at the southern face of Morris Chapel. The upper one was a blue enamel with was an outline of a globe with a horse rider in old-fashioned garb. It read "United Methodist Historic Site #332". The lower, larger plaque was primarily a small 3-d bust of three men, dressed formally and in the fashion of roughly the Gold Rush/American Civil War styles. Beneath the men, the text states: "Doctor Edward Bannister Bishop William Tayler Reverend Isaac Owen Methodist Pioneer Founders of The University of the Pacific, California's first Chartered Institution of Higher Education 1851."

I had NO idea there was such a group that established historic sites for the United Methodists. Is it national? International? I don't think it could merely be state-wide. Can there be 332 sites in California alone? But it is exciting to find a new-to-me snarf establishing group.

* UOP = University of the Pacific on Pacific Avenue in Stockton, CA.
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